she ran callin' wildfire...

Wow... I had a flashback today while eating lunch with a colleague at the Listening Room today.

They had the 95.5 "The Wolf" piping into the restaurant when the song "Wildfire" came on.

Right then and there I was transported to 1970-something. Suddenly, I was riding in my parent's white Mercury with a brown vinyl roof... on a gravel road... somewhere in Knox County, Nebraska... corn fields all around.

As the song played... I knew every single word. I could see the horse with a long flowy mane and a woman running in the woods screaming its name, "Wildfire."

It's one of those songs I LOVED as a kid. I can remember walking around the farm, doing chores, hiking in the pasture... you name it... singing it at the top of my lungs.

What I couldn't remember this afternoon was the artist's name.


So, I asked the people there if they knew.
They were having the same trouble that I was having...

Who was it?!

Pure Prarie League was the best guess.
Incorrect... but a good guess nonetheless.

So... thanks to Google... the puzzle has been solved.

Artist: Michael Martin Murphy.
Writer: Larry Cansler

I'd have obsessed about that all day.


Winston said...

Don't ya just hate it when that happens? What's worse is when an old familiar song gets to playing constantly in your head and you can't get rid of it. It's called an earworm for some strange reason. At least the one I've had for over a week (Blue Moon of Kentucky) has now been replaced by Wildfire. We'll see how long that one plays...

Connie said...

Too bad I wasn't with you guys that day - I would have known! I still have that song on a 45!