Tin Pan South - My top picks

OK... so I screwed up. I didn't get my Tin Pan South pass in time... they sold out of them a couple weeks ago. So... if you know anyone who isn't using theirs (fat chance!) or of anyone who has an extra one... post a comment down there... I will buy it!

In the meantime.... I thought I'd share my top pick's for the week:







BOBXNC said...

I found you blog while googling TIn Pan South. I just posted some photos from this years shows including several of the shows on your list. You have excellent taste, the show I saw on your list were all good. The best was the Nashville meets Broadway show at the Bluebird with Stephan Schwartz, Marcus Hummon and Mike Reid. We had great seats, right between Schwartz and Reid. It was a remarkable musical experience.

BOBXNC said...

Link to photos

BOBXNC said...

Let me try again
Link to photos