Shako: Day 2 - Is he growing?!

Shako on Wednesday.

Shako on Friday.

I think his tummy is growing... and he may be a little taller... but I can't really tell. What do you think?

Connie and Colin are taking care of "the evil alien" over the weekend. (take pics if you think of it, Connie... we must document the growth!)


Connie said...

We checked Shako's health tonight and it said we had abused him by leaving him in the dark 27 times!!
We've only had him since Wednesday - what's up with that?

BBLogan said...

I figured it out! Clicking that LED sequence thing in the research lab area is what makes the information change in the box. I tried it several different ways and everytime I changed the sequence of the sequence... the answer changed. If I left it comopletely blank... it said Shako was 0 and had never been abused.

Anonymous said...

we also had a twice blinking red light sequence and it said we abused ours 27 times also....we just got it 15 minutes ago..what's up with that ?????