We have your sauce.

Remember my great Publix customer service story a couple weeks ago.

Well... it keeps getting better.

This morning, as John and I were making our grocery list for the week and enjoying a cup of coffee at the Frothy Monkey, we actually talked about the fact that we hadn't heard back from Publix re: our special spaghetti sauce request. We were wondering if they had tracked it down and noted that we were surprised that we hadn't heard from them.

After our cups were empty and our list was complete, we were off to run errands and get groceries at Publix.

When we arrived in the sauce isle, what do you think we found?!

Three rows of Classico Spicy Tomato & Pesto sauce.

**in Napoleon Dynamite voice**

So, eventhough the sauce wasn't on the list (we have two in the cupboard already), we bought two for $1.85 (normally it's about $3.50 a jar). I mean... it after all that, it would be rude of us not to buy some, right?!

AND... that's not all. This story gets even sweeter.

When we got home from the store, the message light on our answering machine was flashing. John saw it and the caller ID first... and said, "I think I know what this message is..."

Sure enough, at around 9:35 this morning while we were eating breakfast and drinking our coffee... Publix left this message for us:

"This is your Nipper's Corner Publix calling. We just wanted to let you know that your special request order is in. You'll find it in two places, the spaghetti isle and in the "special request" area right as you walk in the store...."

Impressive... again.
Thank you, Nipper's Corner Publix.

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