Will you stock our favorite sauce?

So... a few months ago, a new Publix opened at Nipper's Corner in south Nashville and it quickly became Clocky and my favorite place to shop for groceries. Everyone there actually seems to enjoy their job, it's easy to find what you need... blah blah blah... you know what I mean. It's hard to put my finger on it, but Publix is just has a positive vibe that I haven't experienced since we moved to Nashville six and a half years ago.

BUT, there was just one little problem with the new store:

Our favorite spaghetti sauce isn't stocked at our Publix.

Since we can't get it there, we either buy something we don't really want or end up going to both Kroger and/or the Walmart Goodneighbor Store to find it... which is a pain in the neck.

So, on Monday as we were eating a sauce we didn't really want, I thought, "What the heck?! I'm going to contact Publix to see if they'd be willing to stock our spicy tomato and pesto sauce."

At the contact us section of their site, I used their email form to submit my request.

Yesterday, just three days later, we received a call from Publix. When John saw Publix on the caller ID, he had just returned from the store and thought maybe he'd left his card there or something.

Instead, it was the General Manager of the store calling to let us know he'd gotten our request and had already looked into ordering the sauce.

The bad news was that our favorite sauce has been discontinued by Classico. (Drat... foiled again.)

The good news was that the General Manager of Publix was going to call their suppliers to see if they could find some of the sauce for us. AND, if they couldn't find it that way, he was going to buy some from the competition for us.

HELLO... can you say... "Publix understands how to serve their customers."

1. It was easy to send a request.
2. Three days after I sent the request, someone called us with information and a solution.
3. The person who called us was the General Manager.

Our little spaghetti request was important to the top dog at the store.

So, my finger is officially on the reason we enjoy shopping at Publix. It's called: customer service... and it starts at the top.


Thank you, Publix.
Shopping truly is a pleasure at your stores.


lcreekmo said...

This is a fabulous story and helps to explain why Publix is so awesome!!

Sarah Ashlee said...

That is a great story! PS - I choose to spend my money and time at the very same Publix...perhaps I will see you in the isles...or in the frozen food section!