Nashville Zoo X2

We went to the Zoo TWICE this weekend.

Yesterday (also known as John's birthday), we saw the McCaws, the gibbon, the meerkats, the alligators, the tigers, the cougars, the lemurs, the red pandas, the snow leopards, the guenons, the golden eagle, Francis, Craig, the African crowned crane, the bongo, the zebras, ostriches and elans.

Today, we saw the lorkeets, the red river hogs, the African elephants and the giraffe. We even got to see the keepers putting the McCaws out... very cool.

Both days, we were there between 9 - 9:30 a.m., a GREAT time to be at the zoo. Right away when the zoo opens, all the animals are awake, active and there aren't as many people to navigate.

This morning, we were the first people to visit the Lorkeet's... it was AWESOME. They were swarming the keeper when we walked in... and then they swarmed us. It was so much FUN.

If you want to see pics of our two day zoo adventure, go here. John also got some great shots of a Lorkeet trying to pick my nose. Heh.

Go to the Zoo.


Sarah Ashlee said...

Love the pics of the meerkat! so cute!

connie said...

Okay, can I just say that a bunch of birds flying around me, not to mention PICKING MY NOSE would totally, utterly, SEND ME OVER THE EDGE!!! Birds are fine to look at, when they're outside and I'm inside. Some people freak out at snakes, some at spiders, some at mice, but I HATE birds. Didn't know that about me, did ya?

You are a brave, brave woman.

Denice said...

Aahhwww....fun pics, Jeanne. Love the Macaw photos where they're sitting on both of you, and giving you kisses. (Ha! The butt shot you took...good to see all the things you enjoyed through your eyes that day. Too funny : )

Glad you got to be at the zoo for 2 days over the weekend! Cool...

Hope you're doin' great.

Miss ya...

BBLogan said...

heh... just to be clear... those were little teeny Lorkeets landing on us! Hee hee... those 5 foot McCaws wouldn't have been so dainty about getting fresh!

We had so much fun... I think we're going again on Saturday. Wanna come? If you start drivin' in the morning you'll be here by tomorrow night. **wink**